East City BMX was established in 1980 and has had numerous NZ Champions over the years and club members who are full of enthusiasm for the sport and for welcoming new members.


To race BMX, you need to be a member of an affiliated BMX Club or hold a BMX NZ Licence. BMX Licences are issued nationally through BMX NZ, and do not allow use across Mountain Bike, Road and Track events. Please see above links for BMX NZ's rules and regulations, governing races in New Zealand. 


  • Club nights are free for East City BMX club members, $3 for other BMXNZ club members, $5 non members (per rider).
  • Usually there are five races [moto] for each rider. 
  • Racing is held in motos so that riders of similar age are grouped together.
  • Racing is friendly and fun
  • During club nights we operate a barbecue thanks to the generous support of St Johns Butchery and a $2 tuck shop to keep up your energy!



Kiwi Sprocket Rocket programme is a skills based biking programme which target is children aged 7 years and under but relevant for beginners of any age. This programme has been developed based on a modified version of BMX and teaches children fundamental biking skills that specifically cater to children’s size and skill level. 

Sprocket Rocket was originally developed by BMX NSW in 1994 as a competition based programme and later expanded as a very successful skill development programme by Bicycle Motocross Australia. More specifically the program aims at providing: 

  • Fundamental biking skills
  • Safe and Fun learning environment  
  • Progressive sessions 
  • Qualified coaches at every session 
  • Promotion of participation and skill development rather than a win-at-all costs culture 
  • Skills required to go on to compete in competitive biking 

The programme concentrates on four specific fundamental skills areas including pedalling, balance, braking and corning.  These skills are fundamental for all biking activities regardless of the participants age. 

The Kiwi Sprocket Rocket programme consists of progressive sessions that teach skills through a series of fun drills and skills that children just love. 

Each child registered receives a Kiwi Sprocket Participation and Skill Log Book, an interactive resource to record their personal progress.  All children receive a cool Kiwi Sprocket Rocket Number Plate which can be displayed proudly on their bikes. 

When your child registers they will receive The Kiwi Sprocket Rocket kit which includes the following:-

  • Kiwi Sprocket Rocket Number Plate
  • Kiwi Sprocket Rocket sticker
  • Coaching Skills Award Logbook
  • Kiwi Sprocket Rocket Guidebook
  • Rule Book (if available)